April 9th, Geneseo IL

Initial Target: Eastern Iowa
States: Illinois,Iowa
Miles: 404
Summary: Intentional bust

I left Altoona at 9am, destination Eastern Iowa. Heavy morning convection caused my forecast setup to be questionable. I decided to move toward Central Illinois.

I arrived at Geneseo, IL in early afternoon, where I camped out at a Hardees parking lot to review weather data. Radar was showing convection initiating near Kewanee IL, moving northeast. The cell looked pretty decent but its predicted path would carry it toward Chicago. I was already feeling the effects of having driven over 1100 miles the day before (arriving home at 3:45am) and I had to be at work the next morning. I decided it would be unsafe to pursue this cell, as it would end up with me in the general Chicago area near sunset, with possibly 300+ miles to drive home after dark.

Exhausted from lack of sleep, I decided to head home.

On my way home, reports of a powerful tornado near Rochelle, IL started lighting up my social media feeds. Sadly, the tornado caused much damage to the town.

As for me, turning around and missing this event was a good thing. I was exhausted and was in no shape to deal with a strong tornado or its aftermath.

Live to chase another day.