May 4th, Onaga KS

Initial Target: Kansas City BBQ
Storm Intercepts: Onaga, KS
Features: Lame cell
States: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri

Miles: 420

Summary: Total bust, but good BBQ!

Eh, well…
Like I say, sometimes chasing is about more than chasing.

My chase partner & navigator extraordinaire Kirk finally had a day available on Monday the 4th. SPC was giving us a 2 percent day on the Nebraska/Kansas border. Not a good forecast by any means. Ongoing morning convection and cloud cover was keeping the boundary layer from heating up, and modest upper-level winds nearly guaranteed a high-precipitation storm mode when something eventually fired. Undaunted, I picked Kirk up around 8am and we headed south, just as the SPC Day One updated to ZERO percent tornado chance. Yay.

So we did what any guys who like to hang out with each other do.. We took advantage of our day off and headed to Kansas City for a BBQ lunch!

SLAP’s (SLAP’s stands for “Squeal Like A Pig”) BBQ was just what the doctor ordered. Best BBQ EVER, and I am not kidding. I try to get back there any time I can. It’s not a typical KC BBQ chain – this place is run by a competition pitmaster and his wife. Best BBQ in the region! [picture 1 below] and their burnt-ends? MAGICAL! [picture 2 below]

So as lame as things were looking, after lunch we headed into Kansas and caught a cell. It wasn’t much but it added a little adventure. As it turned out, it was the only severe-warned cell in the midwest that day and we were ON IT. Once again, Kirk’s magical forecasting skills came through.

Soon enough the chase was over, and we cut through St. Joseph (the armpit of Missouri) over to I-35 where we caught a quick McDinner before heading home at sunset.

Total bust, but a great day regardless.