2016 Chase log

2016 was an interesting year, with many unique triumphs, but also many heartaches. 

I started off the chase season with a March trip to the Texas panhandle with my friend Brennan, who wanted to get in a decent chase before he left to hike the Pacific Crest Trail for five months, effectively missing the rest of chase season. I had many hookups with my WeatherNationTV friends Ben McMillan, Tim Jones, Jon Haxby, Jessica Moore, and Robin Lorenson.  I met NWS damage surveyor/engineer Tim Marshall and I saved the life of the National Science Foundation’s brilliant atmospheric scientist Karen Kosiba*

I chased from North Dakota to Texas and despite numerous busts (May 25th Dodge City KS most notable), every mile I put on the car was a pleasure.

Please check out the sub-folders for more information on the 2016 season.

* We were talking in a Walmart parking lot in North Platte, Nebraska when a car came down the lane behind her. I ushered her out of the car’s path, and told her I saved her life. She didn’t disagree, so I am running with this as far as I can take it 🙂