Oct 6th – SW Iowa

Initial Target: Shenandoah, IA
Starting From: Altoona, IA
Ending: Altoona, IA

Storm Intercepts: Red Oak, IA

Features: Scruddy storm system. Lightning. Ugh.
States: Iowa
Miles: 377
Summary: Crappy blah chase.

Well, who would think there would be a possible warm-front play in Iowa in October?

Zach Sharpe picked me up around 11am and we headed out for SW Iowa.

Notable funny thing on this chase:
We stopped for gas in Adair, IA. I grabbed slice of gas station pizza, and stood in front of the car shoveling it in my face before Zach got back to the car. My phone dings with a text from a KCCI meteorologist asking me about the pizza. I forgot we were live-streaming.

This was a “MEH” setup from the beginning. It had potential, but none of the tornado ingredients wanted to be in the same place at the same time. The warm from was… somewhere. The axis of moisture was south. Helicity was somewhere nearby-ish, but why is it only 72 degrees where we are? And where are those backing winds at the surface? Basically, this chase was a train wreck.

Speaking of “Train Wreck”, we had some decisions to make (see pic below)

We ended up too far south, and storms initiated to our north. We took off for Red Oak, IA and intercepted a cell. Several strokes of CG lightning gave us a little hope there was updraft activity. Velocity scans, however, were disappointing.

We did a few live hits for our affiliate partner KCCI.com, and hung out with a KCCI meteorologist/storm chaser near Lorimar, IA for about 30 minutes.

Storms died after moving into a less favorable environment in Central Iowa.

Crapola chase.

Making navigation decisions
Guess what I am thinking?