Sept 15, 2016 – Omaha, NE

Initial Target: Fort Dodge, IA
Starting From: Altoona, IA
Ending: Altoona, IA
Features: This was a weird chase.
States: Iowa

Miles: 383

Summary: Three tornado warned cells died in front of us

I am so embarrassed by this chase I don’t even want to write it up.

Zach and I took off early afternoon. It looked like there would be a decent warm front play in western Iowa, firing around 3-4pm. We were up by Storm Lake, IA when cells fired WAY southwest of us in Nebraska near Omaha, so we were about 120 miles out of position. Yay.

We headed that direction as rapidly as we could, but it was IOWA, in September a.k.a. “Harvest Season”. There were all sorts of heavy farm equipment cruising the highways at 20mph. It was nearly 4pm so we had to deal with rural buses dropping off school kids, and traffic from people getting off work. Brutally slow, but we have to drive safely, right?

We finally got down to Harlan, IA, Just as the best-looking severe-warned cell crossed into Iowa and was 20 miles away. We soon had a decent visual, but it looked… weak. And then radar updated. The storm was dying. DYING. Dead.

So what to do?

We hooked up with some chaser friends from WeatherNation and had dinner in Avoca, IA.

Chaser points: Zero

Friend points: 1000