April 9th, NW Iowa

Initial Target: NW Iowa
Storm Intercepts: Well…..
Features: Nada
States: Iowa
Miles: 512 miles (and never left Iowa)

Summary: Cap bust. PAINFUL

There was a reasonable chance for severe weather in NW Iowa, so Zach and I headed out just before noon, targeting somewhere along I-29 north of Council Bluffs. The New Way Ford dealership in Coon Rapids, IA offered us the use of their #StormHunter vehicle for our chase, which we gladly accepted.

Atmospheric capping would be an issue this day, but we were still optimistic, playing a warm front with a surface low along the triple point. Well… About that atmospheric capping…

Storms simply couldn’t fire until the cap eroded, which was going to be at or after sunset. We ended up in Spencer, IA, a solid 3.5 hours from home. We met up with fellow ISCN chaser Brennan Jontz for afternoon snacks at Arby’s. Yay.

We concluded there would be no chance for severe weather in our region, so we shot some video of the StormHunter vehicle on some country roads, then headed for home.

500 total miles and we never left Iowa. Bust? Totally. But it was fun driving the StormHunter, and as a bonus we got nearly 29mpg.

storm hunter vehicle
StormHunter vehicle, courtesy of New Way Ford, Coon Rapids, IA