Jan 24th Snowstorm, Northern IA

Initial Target: Clear Lake, IA
Storm Intercepts: Clear Lake, IA
Features: Heavy snow, blizzard conditions
States: Iowa
Miles: 320

Summary: HUGE snowflakes, heavy snow

Northern Iowa was the target area for our first significant snowstorm of 2017. Zach and I were out covering the story for WeatherNation, KCCI and KGAN TV. We left Des Moines in early afternoon, targeting North Central Iowa that evening. As we trekked northward, snow began to fall and conditions deteriorated quickly. Zach and I concentrated on the Clear Lake / Mason City area. There were several vehicle accidents in the area. It was slick, and snow accumulated rapidly. We did several live hits for KCCI News, and did a broadcast to WeatherNation from the beautiful town square in Clear Lake, quiet and white with the newly fallen snow.

Of note: At one point we saw snowflakes the size of silver dollars, and during our drive home I witnessed the most intense snowfall I had ever seen. We could not see 50 feet in front of us.

Jan 24 Snowstorm
Jan 24 Clear Lake IA Town Square
Jan 24th heavy snowfall near Clear Lake, IA